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Dear Fellow Golfer:

As many of you may have heard throughout last year, I switched to my first set of Renegar wedges around March of 2012 and as you can see from the picture they got quite the work out.

But last week Bob Renegar sent me his latest masterpieces and I was certainly excited to give them a go considering the amount of success I had with them. I can't say I was expecting a significant improvement over my first set of Renegar Rx12 wedges but man was I surprised.

The new finish and look is so classic that when you set up to them it is easy to forget that you are about to hit the most advanced wedge design in golf.

A club this beautiful simply can't be that easy and forgiving to hit. But they are and here is what Bob has done to improve on his already incredible patented design:

I was always one of those guys who was happy with my big brand wedges and wasn’t thinking about buying new ones. That all changed when I met Bob Renegar, the founder of Renegar Golf and the inventor of the original Renegar Rx12 Wedge and now the Rx12 B-model shown above. A Tour pro I know told me I needed to give them a try so I went over and introduced myself to Bob.

As I came to find out, while the big brands have been making everything from drivers to golf towels, Bob has spent the last 18 years perfecting just one club…the wedge. This dedication to creating the perfect wedge certainly peaked my interest some more but I was still also thinking, “I’ll try this and probably politely hand it back to Bob after not noticing much of difference.”

But when I test drove the Rx12, I immediately noticed the impressive quality of the wedge and how the club impacted the ground differently than anything I had ever felt before. And that is when I noticed the ‘scoop’ in the sole of the club…see the photo below.

After hitting some more balls and talking to Bob more about what the “scoop” actually does compared the standard sole of all other wedge companies it became pretty clear I needed to take it to the next level.

So I got to test it on the course a few days later and after that I called Bob and ordered two more Rx12 wedges and they were in my bag until just a week ago when I swapped my original Rx12’s for the new B Model blade.

If, twelve months ago, you had told me: “Justin, you’re going to have new wedges in your bag this season and then your going to switch again next season” I would have replied: “You’re out of your mind. Get out of town!”

Well it just happened.

This masterful collection by Bob Renegar is now available to Revolution Members before you can get them in any store or off any other website in the Country.

If you have been looking for new wedges or have been contemplating getting a set of Renegar’s, now is your chance to get what I believe to be the best wedges in the game.

Bob, you have out done yourself once again. Congratulations!

Before I get into what makes the Rx12 line of wedges so effective, it’s important to understand why top amateurs and professionals pay such close attention to their wedges.


In a perfect world, we’re standing on the tee of a ‘typical’ par-4. We smash a drive right down the center cut. We hit a crisp 8 iron to five feet. And we nail the putt for a ‘routine’ birdie.

But golf isn’t that easy. The numbers prove it.

As I write, Jeff Maggert leads the PGA Tour in driving accuracy at 73.04%. This means he hits the fairway just over 7 times out of 10. Or to put it a different way…he misses three times out of ten.

When it comes to hitting greens in regulation, the leader on the PGA Tour is Brandt Snedeker at 74.07%. So…Sneds misses the green almost 25% of the time. And he’s the best on the PGA Tour right now.

Not exactly perfection!

For the touring professionals, the wedge is the GREAT EQUALIZER and the key to turning five shots into four and four shots into three. The wedge is the key to making millions on tour year after year.

We like to think of the putter as the ultimate scoring weapon and the putter is important…but to be a great putter, it helps to get the ball close to the hole. And that requires awesome wedge play.

Attend a professional golf event or play with an accomplished amateur and you’ll see someone who is deadly with their wedges.

If you’re really serious about shooting lower scores and improving quickly, then it’s VITAL to improve your wedge game and it’s VITAL to own an awesome set of wedges.


As I wrote earlier, I used to own a set of ‘brand name’ wedges and they were superb. But there was one major problem: bounce.

A golf club designer could talk for hours about bounce but I’m going to simplify the concept.

Bounce is basically the ‘bulge’ on the sole of the wedge.

Gene Sarazen invented the modern sand wedge in 1932 by adding bounce to one of his wedges. Using the club, he won The Open Championship that year at Prince’s Golf Club in England—a club with a TON of nasty bunkers.

Your irons have very little bounce. But designers add up to 14 degrees of bounce to a wedge. Why? Because they know you’ll need the bounce to get the ball out of the bunker—it’s why Sarazen invented the modern wedge…to make it easy to get out of bunkers.

But there’s a major problem with the Sarazen wedge.

While bounce makes it easier to get the ball out of a bunker, bounce creates a major technical issue: the leading edge of the club is now above the ground…as illustrated below.

A professional golfer who practices 6 hours a day and has the luxury of expert instruction several times a week can deal with the ‘bounce problem’ but bounce makes chipping and pitching difficult for mid-handicappers.

The result of the bounce problem?

Fat shots can travel about two feet.

Thin shots skid across the green into deep rough or worse.

Even a robotic golf testing device will occasionally blade or chunk a shot with the ‘traditional’ wedge—so it’s NOT ALWAYS YOUR FAULT…it’s just the design of the wedge.

You can solve the ‘bounce problem’ by finding low bounce wedges…BUT…low bounce wedges create two additional problems: inconsistent sand shots and a sharp leading edge that can dig into the turf—causing really ugly fat shots that cover the ball with mud and lead to an outburst of poor language.

If you’re choosing a wedge from a major brand, you have to pick your poison: low bounce or high bounce.

Even though my handicap index is 1.3, I faced the same problem with my wedges. It was difficult to find precisely the right wedges for each course and the varying conditions.

Big-time professional golfers have a HUGE advantage. At each event, they can choose the wedges to suit the course conditions. Each manufacturer has a tour rep who travels with a van full of wedges with different bounce set-ups. It’s like having a mobile candy store of wedges! Must be nice!

Sadly…tragically…most of us ‘regular golfers’ don’t have that candy store…until now…with The Renegar Wedge…the most versatile wedge you will ever own and the wedge that persuaded me to change wedges.


Frustrated with the ‘bounce problem’ Bob Renegar got to work.

Bob is an avid golfer and low single digit handicapper. He also has a Bachelors degree in Aerospace and a Masters degree in Industrial Studies. He was a member of the Golf Digest Technical Panel for 12 years from 1997-2008.

Leveraging 25 years of experience in the golf industry—including work for many of the biggest brands in the game — Bob created the Rx12 wedge line.

Looking at the club, you will immediately notice the big ‘scoop’ in the sole. This patented technology is important because with all the Rx12 wedges, Bob has achieved the HOLY GRAIL OF WEDGE DESIGN…

Lowering the leading edge while increasing the bounce.

This makes it easier to:
• Avoid ‘total disaster’ chunks and skulls
• Get the ball out of the sand every time
• Hit stone-dead chips from ANY lie
• Pitch with ‘spin and stop’ precision
• Hit full wedges that land softly and travel consistent distances
• Take the guesswork out of hitting from the rough

This illustration clearly shows the difference between the ‘normal’ wedge and The Renegar Wedge.

Rob Miller, writing for the popular GolfWRX website stated:

ā€œIā€™m a believer. I was incredulous when asked to review these and actually almost turned down the opportunity. After playing them I have to say they are a top notch wedge that offers a solid feel, high spin, exceptional playability from all sorts of lies (but gets better the closer you get to the green), and looks cool doing it.ā€

Bronson, our club reviewer, also took the club for a test drive and you can watch his review here.


Look—I know how much money the big companies pump into research and development and they produce awesome clubs…BUT…Renegar Golf really impressed me. Here’s why.

• They specialize in wedges and are totally committed to making the world’s top wedges.
• As they write: “do one thing, and do it better than anyone else.”
• The company found a genuine and effective solution to the major problem with the Sarazen wedge. Every other company is still essentially using the Sarazen design.
• They hand design their wedges for excellent feel.
• To ensure quality, they use best practices manufacturing.
• The Rx12 and the new Rx12 B-model are the result of 20 years of research and development.
• The company does not compromise on quality and uses the absolute top quality materials.
Renegar has made the Rx12 B-model remarkably affordable despite nothing but premium materials.

The technology and commitment to quality is impressive…the results are superb…as I’m about to describe in a minute.

When Bob Renegar showed me test results, I was not actually that surprised…I enjoy the results first-hand whenever I play golf…and the Renegar Wedges are significantly more effective than my previous wedges.


Bob had the guts to test the Rx12 against the major brands using the industry standard…the Trackman Live Player Launch Monitor. A ‘real live golfer’ hit full swing shots with 56 degree wedges from Renegar…plus Brand C and Brand T. The golfer who tested the wedges is a 0 handicap.

Notes about the test…
• All three 56-degree test wedges were measured to confirm equal lofts before testing.
• All shots were hit with identical brand and model tour quality moderate spin balls.
• All shots were hit in a hitting bay from a mat down an outdoor range with data gathered by a TrackMan launch monitor permanently fixed in that bay.
• TrackMan collects data using Doppler radar and calculates each shot to the tenth of a yard in distance and direction.
• Weather conditions were excellent with air temperature at 60 degrees and no wind.

Test Results

The Rx12 exhibited greater control, accuracy, and consistency – even at the higher swing speeds generated by the “power player” tester. The Brand C and Brand T wedges could not match the accuracy, consistency, or control of the Rx12 wedge.

I’ve included three graphics from the test. These illustrate the “shot dispersion patterns” of the three clubs.

So testing data shows the Renegar Rx12 is 265% MORE accurate than Brand “C” and 50% MORE accurate than Brand “T”

Renegar Validates the Testing

To validate the results, Bob and his team undertook robot testing using the 56-degree wedge. In this case, the robot hit some off-center hits. The robot test results showed the Rx12 as 3 times more accurate than the competition.


Let’s take a look at the Renegar Wedge in detail.

UNIQUE SOLE: The defining feature of the Renegar Rx12 line is the ‘scoop’ in the sole. This lowers the leading edge while increasing bounce.

BENEFIT: Lower your scores with rock-solid wedge shots from any lie and from any bunker (Original on left, new B-model on right)

V-43 DOUBLE MILLED GROOVES: The Rx12 gives you the new V-43 Double Milled USGA conforming smaller grooves that provide the sharpest legal groove edges and a maximum number of edges while retaining maximum groove volume for optimum spin performance. Other wedges only have single groove wedges.

BENEFIT: Awesome control plus outstanding spin from the rough.

CNC FACE MILLING WITH “MICRO-GROOVE” RESIDUAL MILL MARKS: These provide a perfectly flat impact surface; the residual CNC mill marks (right at USGA limits for roughness) maximize friction for spin generation.

BENEFIT: Excellent spin and control even from off-center hits.

SPECIALLY CONSTRUCTED HOSEL: Renegar builds the wedge so a club fitter can easily adjust loft and lie.

BENEFIT: You can customize the wedge to your precise specifications.

KBS Steel Wedge Shaft: Designed specifically for wedge play with a firmer than normal tip section and a much higher flex point, slightly lower gram weights, and very low torque for maximum control and consistency

BENEFIT: Pro-caliber distance control and spin plus enhanced trajectory control.

LAMKIN LONGER THAN STANDARD GRIP: The Renegar-Lamkin Wedges Grip is designed specifically for BENEFIT: Ideal for choking down on shorter, more delicate shots. Provides improved feel and control for delicate shots. Ultimate in durability and all-weather performance. Circles on the grip for consistency.

Bob simply said to all his suppliers and partners: “I want the absolute highest quality and materials. I want this wedge to be the best in the world with NO compromises.”

New 431 Stainless Steel B-model head during production process prior to “polishing” and “bead blast” finish.

The Attention to Detail: As Bob said to me…
“We asked all of our World-Class suppliers to
raise the bar . . . and they did.”

One More Benefit that SERIOUS Golfers Will Love…

SINGLE SET SPECIFICATIONS… It’s a little known fact but even if you buy three similar wedges from the same ‘big name’ brand, the specifications can vary from wedge to wedge. This means that all your wedges can feel different and this can lead to inconsistency.

Bob Renegar is firmly committed to single set specification for all the Rx12 wedges. So you get the same head weights, shafts, swing weights, and lie angles.

As a serious golfer, it’s a feature I really like because it provides predictable feel and leads to more consistently excellent shots…as I will describe right now.


I’ve described the Rx12 in some technical detail, even getting into grooves and shaft tip flex. That’s all well and good but how do these wedges actually perform?

I have three Renegar Rx12 B-model wedges.

48 degree pitching wedge.
56 degree sand wedge.
60 degree lob wedge.

For full shots from 120 down to 70 yards, I can hit consistently accurate and solid shots. I can control the spin and trajectory, even sucking the ball back if I land the ball beyond the hole. These wedges perform just as well as my irons.

For sand shots, the added bounce makes getting the ball out of bunkers simple—from different types of sand and from good and bad lies…even those horrible fried eggs. I can hit long bunker shots with the pitching wedge or short, high bunker shots with the lob wedge. I’m definitely getting up and down more often from the sand.

For pitching, the Rx12 is pure joy. I can hit every pitch in the book…the lob…the high floater…the low ‘full flaps’ pitch that’s steaming in then stops like a fighter jet on the top of an aircraft carrier. I can hit all the shots from pretty much any lie…soft fluffy grass…tight turf…hardpan...these wedges mean I can be more aggressive on par-5s.

Out of the rough it depends on the lie but the Renegar wedges provide amazing control. Now…no wedge is predictable from the deep rough and fairway lies but the Renegar comes amazingly close to providing perfect lie control out of the deep rough or cabbage.

For chipping, gone are the days of having to worry about skulling the ball over the green or hitting a big fat ‘Roseanne’ chunk. The leading edge is right on the turf—just like my irons—and I can hit deadly bump and runs.

For lob shots, I can open the clubface and make an aggressive swing—from any lie with the possible exception of a cart path or parking lot.

Each Rx12 wedge from Renegar gives me the versatility to hit awesome wedge shots from any situation. I could not say that about my former wedges—even though I loved them and used them for several seasons.

But thanks to the Renegar wedges, I’ve also gained:

• Increased Forgiveness on ‘Thin’ Shots.
• More Confidence from Tight Lies, Downhill Lies, Buried Bunker Shots.
• Increased Ball Spin Rates for Additional Control.
• Sweet Feel to Help with Touch.
• More Consistent Distance on Off-Center Hits

The club sets up beautifully and is really easy to square to the target. Plus there’s very little offset—which suits me perfectly.

I love practicing with these clubs and trying new shots and experimenting. I’m able to play shots I wasn’t able to try before—even on the course.

• Tight lie over a bunker to a tight pin. No problem.
• Buried in the soft sand. No problem.
• Nesty lie in the rough. No problem.
• Soft lob to the rock hard green. No problem.

With the added spin, I find I can land the ball a little nearer the hole—with total confidence. And I love the extended grip and soft but solid feel of the shaft.

Ask me to grade these clubs on a scale of 1-10 and I’m going to give them a solid 11!

And remember—I was married to my old wedges. I never thought for a minute that I would ever want to leave them.


48 Degree “Pitching” Wedge

The “48” is designed to be a pitching wedge replacement
for conventionally lofted irons sets…or it can be a second or longer “gap” wedge.

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to save $30 (and get free domestic shipping!)

50 Degree “Gap” Wedge

Compatible with all irons sets, delivering lower trajectory with reduced spin.
Full swing distances between a normal sand wedges and pitching wedge.

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to save $30 (and get free domestic shipping!)

52 Degree “Gap” Wedge

Lower trajectory with reduced spin.

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to save $30 (and get free domestic shipping!)

54 Degree “Sand” Wedge

Intermediate distance, trajectory, and ball spin.

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to save $30 (and get free domestic shipping!)

56 Degree “Sand” Wedge

Intermediate distance, trajectory, and ball spin.

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58 Degree “Lob” Wedge

Higher trajectory and higher spin for shorter distances.

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60 Degree “Lob” Wedge

Higher trajectory and higher spin for shorter distances

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to save $30 (and get free domestic shipping!)
The Rx12 B-model is NOT available through any retailer at this time. And wedges purchased through auction sites are often fakes—plus there’s no guarantee or warranty with those clubs.


• 4-Club sets 48/52/56/60
• 3-Club sets 48/52/56 | 48/54/60 | 50/54/58 | 50/54/60 | 52/56/60
• 2-Club sets 50/56 | 52/58 | 54/58 | 54/60 | 52/60

All Renegar Golf Rx12 B-model wedges come standard with the steel KBS wedge shaft developed specifically for wedge play. All wedges come standard with the Lamkin 3Gen wedges grip for better performance in delicate short game situations where maximum feel and control are essential.

And, of course, all lofts come standard with the utility-patented sole contour – providing improved playability for every short game situation…plus the CNC milled face and proprietary V-43 Double-Milled grooves.


LH clubs not available YET…but are in development. Stay tuned.

USGA and R&A conforming.

Wedges have been custom designed and optimized for wedge play. No further custom shaft or grip choices are offered, available, or necessary.

Specs for 2013 B-model head:

Length = 35.5 inches
Lie Angle = 63.5 degrees
Swing Weight = D-6
Total Static Weight = 462 grams +/-.
Wedges can be re-shafted.


I asked Bob if any professionals use Renegar wedges and the answer was:

“Yes and we don’t pay them a dime to play the clubs.”

Many of these pros have deals with big golf brands but elect to use Renegar wedges. If there’s a better endorsement, I can’t think of one.

And, of course, tens of thousands of amateur golfers are loving their Renegar wedges. Let’s meet some of these golfers.

“Perfect milling and assembly. Really gorgeous. Great balance. It’s always nice when you have a club that has the balance/SW that you like, and these are right on the money for a wedge…I love it. Feels like you just want to drop it on the ball at impact.” Jon K. California. 45. 5 Handicap.

“The 50 degree I am using for full swings, and it’s a keeper. The best thing about these wedges is that sole design though. Very satisfying feel when you bottom out on the ground. Like the perfect chip/ pitch/ divot feel comes very easily. Low bounce precision, but you feel the bounce. Very good bunker stats. Finish appears bombproof. You open up the face a little and you get great sand wedge bounce. Unbelievable confidence with tight lie shots.” Comment on golf message board.

“The club gave me more confidence around the green to try different shot types. I would recommend this club to everyone.” Justin M. Roswell, Georgia. 36. 14 handicap.

“The 60 degree felt good! I found the grind very easy to open up and I was able to get the ball in the air very quickly.” Mark Weaver.

“I am a high handicap golfer and always dreaded it when I had to pull a wedge out of my bag (which is often) — especially when I am in a bunker. Using Renegar Wedges has changed that. My short game confidence has soared.” Tony.


You’re serious about your golf and you’re serious about your clubs. So I’m not going to give you a cloak and dagger approach to revealing the price. None of this “3 easy payments of…” nonsense. I’m simply going to reveal the special low price we’ve organized for Revolution Golf subscribers:

As Low as $109.99 per wedge


There it is.

I fully realize that’s slightly more than wedges from the leading brands. I happily paid the premium because:

  • These wedges work and are the most effective I've used.
  • I won't have to buy different versions (low bounce, high bounce, etc.).
  • I'm serious about my clubs and I'm willing to spend a little extra to get the highest quality.
  • I get tangible results on the golf course.
  • They help me improve my wedge play and shoot lower scores.
  • I'm investing in the latest technology and the highest quality materials and craftsmanship.
  • Renegar provides a warranty and guarantee.
  • I love these wedges and they persuaded me to leave my former wedges. I never believed that would ever happen.

    Try them now…

48 Degree “Pitching” Wedge

The “48” is designed to be a pitching wedge replacement
for conventionally lofted irons sets…or it can be a second or longer “gap” wedge.

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50 Degree “Gap” Wedge

Compatible with all irons sets, delivering lower trajectory with reduced spin.
Full swing distances between a normal sand wedges and pitching wedge.

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52 Degree “Gap” Wedge

Lower trajectory with reduced spin.

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54 Degree “Sand” Wedge

Intermediate distance, trajectory, and ball spin.

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56 Degree “Sand” Wedge

Intermediate distance, trajectory, and ball spin.

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58 Degree “Lob” Wedge

Higher trajectory and higher spin for shorter distances.

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60 Degree “Lob” Wedge

Higher trajectory and higher spin for shorter distances

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These wedges are not mass-produced. Bob and his team have only allotted us a certain number of wedges and last time we offered the Rx12, we sold out in 24 hours and the backorders took 4 weeks to fill.

So…if you want to get on the road to a totally transformed short game,then click here now:

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I totally understand that you probably like your current wedges. I told Bob: “To get people to switch, you MUST give golfers the chance to try the wedge and make the decision risk-free.”

So here’s the deal…

1. Choose your Rx12 wedge HERE
2. Try it for 30 days.
3. If you’re not TOTALLY SATISFIED, contact Renegar directly.
4. Renegar will provide a full refund minus a small 15% restocking fee.

So you can try the club for 30 days…take it out for 36 holes a day of punishment and Renegar will take the club back and, if you’re not happy, they will issue a refund.

That, my fellow golfers, is one of the strongest guarantees in golf. The guarantee makes trying the Rx12 virtually risk-free.

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A few months ago, I had a simple choice…keep my wedges or leave them for the Rx12. It wasn’t an easy decision at first. But I’m SO happy with my Renegar wedges and SO in love with the abundance of technology…I’m really happy I made the switch.

You’ll be really happy too.

• Consider my personal endorsement.
• My handicap index is 1.3 and I’ve tried just about every wedge under the sun.
• There’s a powerful 30-day guarantee so you take no risk.
• You’ll find it a lot easier to hit awesome short game shots—from any lie on any golf course.
• You’re getting the absolute latest tour-proven technology.
• You can beat the pants off your golf buddies and improve your performance in tournaments and competitions.
• There’s no need to buy different wedges for different conditions.
• You’ll be on the road to shooting lower scores.


To great golf all the time…

Justin Tupper
CEO Revolution Golf

P.S. As I’m finishing up this web page, I’m still shaking my head thinking back to when I had my old wedges. At the time, you would have had to hold a bazooka to my head to get those wedges out of my hands. Seriously.

But I made the switch to the Rx12 wedges by Renegar and I’m enjoying the best short game results of my life and I’m confident I can get from 1.3 to the plus range.

And you can enjoy the same short game improvement…just click here now
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P.P.S. One key to lower scoring is awesome wedge play. Ask any serious golfer about shooting low scores and they will tell you about the clubs you must master:
The Driver
The Putter
The Wedges

Yes—the driver and putter are important but the most deadly golfers on the planet are superb wedge players—and they have superb wedges.

Click here to order YOUR superb wedge from Renegar and don’t forget to use the discount code “RevolutionGolf” at checkout to save $30.

And remember…you take no risk with our 30-day trial.